Lorna Doone
The Musical
Pics and Story (page2)
For some time John has been secretly visiting Doone Valley where he has met and fallen in love with Lorna Doone. He realises that if the king's men come to Exmoor to round up the Doones his beloved Lorna will be at risk. He is desperate to see her and give her a warning, but has no chance. He longs to hold her once more in his arms.
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The Doones are much feared by the local people and no one is willing to do anything about them.
A few days later a stranger arrives at the Ridd farm. He is Jeremy Stickles, a messenger from The Lord Chief Justice in London. Ben has made an official complaint and John is required to go to London to testify against the Doones.
John travels to court in London and finds himself among a very disreputable bunch of criminals awaiting trial. He is brought before the dreaded Judge Jeffreys who soon sees that John is just a simple honest farmer. He sends John home with a warning to keep well clear of the Doones