Lorna Doone
The Musical
Pics and Story (page4)
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It is harvest time at Ridd Farm. Lorna is now accepted into the family and joins in the harvest celebrations.
Tom has abandoned his role as a highwayman. He wants to marry Annie and settle down to an honest life.
John and Lorna are happy together and, together with Tom and Annie are looking forward to marriage.
Betty has a few words to say to the girls about the perils of married life!
It is wedding day at Oare Parish Church. As Lorna approaches the altar Calver appears and shoots her down. She falls apparently dead at John's feet. John is shocked and distraught for a moment, but then chases off in a great rage after Calver.

John returns to say that Calver is dead. He is beside himself with joy when he learns that Lorna is not seriously hurt. He gently takes her in his arms as the choir take up the anthem.